Tool Ten

Have a set back plan

Tool Ten

Is it unrealistic to not have a set back plan?

The simple answer is NO! Developing a set back plan is good pain self management. Ask your healthcare provider if you need help in making one if you are not sure.

Make a note of what triggered your set back and what helped. This could be useful information if and when you experience another. There is an example of a set back plan below.

Having a set back plan

It is not realistic to think that you will never have a set back ever again. Remember if you are an over achiever, it is easy to forget to pace yourself and in turn you may experience a set back! So the first thing not to do is panic, but many people do. It is best to have a set back plan if one occurs.

Set backs are usually caused by doing too much - overdoing it, pressure from others, or just forgetting you have a pain problem. Don’t get annoyed with yourself, it is common to occasionally have set backs.

If you are not sure how to prepare a set back plan ask your GP or health care professional for help.

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